I started working at an early age in fashion retail, at one of Diesel’s stores, and left the company 7 years later.

Initially assigned to sell jeans, I swiftly became their youngest - and probably in hindsight the most cocky - Store Manager at the age of 19. It wasn't long after when I was selected as 1 out of 6 global ambassadors, initiated by Diesel’s HQ in Italy, aiming to increase revenue by better positioning the brand, ultimately delivering better customer experiences. The gig was a twofold of consumer research to inform global brand, as well as training retail teams on brand DNA and Diesel's positioning.

It must have been in that time that I realized how crucial real consumer connections and knowhow were in the world of brand & biz, ironically fairly understated by those who were actually exposed to consumers on a continuous base. 

I decided it was my purpose to stay close to the people - audiences and consumers – and apply this knowledge and passion to help others throughout my career: at Sid Lee Amsterdam leading the public gallery, events and stores and as PM for exhibitions at art foundation Mediamatic. Joining thisMemento in 2011 couldn’t have been a better fit.

After 7 wonderful years in Amsterdam, I decided to find my way up North to experience a different environment and found my way to Veryday, one of the leading and award-winning design and innovation firm.

Being the Sr. Design Strategist and Researcher, innovating with human-centric thinking is at my core of work I deliver.